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if an erection falls in the forest do you go blind?

Another good post over at Son Rivers blog.

He asks "if the body falls in a forest and there's not a single identifying thought about it, are you really dying?"

The mind ties the body to the idea of you when truly you are neither the mind or the body.

When infinity dresses as a mouse and loses itself in the game of being a mouse it plays and wins. When infinity dresses as a human it often surfs this wave of being lost in the game and wondering what this game is all about - mind made suffering.

When infinity dresses as a politician it plays the game so convincingly that it gets all concerned that there is no game at all and life is deadly serious. In this guise it will enforce rules, justify taxes, control over others, even war in the name of upholding the rules of the game.

When infinity casts off these shells it is always the same once again.

When a man knows he is playing the part of himself and is not so attached to the roll, he lives freely and can fall in the forest or dance in the rain, no loss no gain.

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