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Songs of praise

Of all the various yogas then the devotional branch was the hardest for me to relate to, I even held a strong derision and distaste for it seeing those who sang in praise as missing the deep thought and analysis I saw as essential to spiritual growth.

My mantra was more "see everything as a trick question and get to the root" and far and away from one of "sing in praise, love" - to that I would say "Bleugh!". I saw those who sang in praise as being some of the most easily lead and the most lacking in genuine self discovery.

Tonight then it was a shift in scope when I found myself in one of my superbly contented states, free from thought, wish, need or desire, sitting contentedly as I often do, to then suddenly, from the depths of my gut, sing a home brewed mantra of some description.

It really made sense and I only snapped out of it as my natural urge is with all things to explain them and find their worth. This was something quite new, something without obvious value but perhaps richer than true love.

To sing openly and whole-heartedly, selflessly, was special as my mind was gone. I was singing as, well, why not?! Here I am, what else is worth my time other than to enjoy and echo this being upwards and out of my lungs?

It just made sense, felt right, to sit and make noises in recognition of my amazing dance of infinity.

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