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When trapped for a word, I often choose awareness as the root, non-dual, state - that which we are.

Consciousness has the obvious dual notion of unconsciousness as life, has death.

Awareness could be said to have unawareness as its opposite but in the case of being unaware, the person is always aware of something else. In sleep, in a coma even, the person may be said to be unconscious, but not unaware. Unaware of surroundings maybe but not unaware of being, they still tick, they still "are". There is still a root that preexists all states so that they may reemerge, wake up and say "I was asleep".

The voyage the body makes where in a female form it produces a new body self inside its own body. Given time and development that 2-body body seems to separate, at least over the spatial dimensions and it becomes mother and child - truly just an ongoing process of the human system getting on. There are not 6billion humans but 6billion apparent bits of me. There are not a trillion species but so many versions of me. The lines drawn of baby-person-death are mind made and ignore how this process required all other beings, we may say especially mum.

My mum split in two and now she is a little wrinkly and she is a man. She also split again a couple of years after so she is actually a little wrinkly, a man and a younger lady too. Her love and care here could be demonstrated over and over by her sacrifices and the numerous times she has put her new bodies over her own bodies needs. But that perspective is all too human.

A tree in an ongoing organism, during the life of one body it spreads over the land as new bodies who do the same. This treebeing is an ongoing flow. When one tree seems to die it is still very much alive. This tree is as old as time and lives forever by dying. There are not so many trees, just one that flows on, changes form.

How the tree "knows" or does what it does, it just does - Same with us. Sometimes one of our bodies has a special talent and it is held high in appreciation by others who take pleasure from the talented ones gifts. Sometime a body is a burden to others but we carry that weight, we do our best for them as we are one sharing this infinite unfolding transition.

There is life unfolding, never dying just taking new form. The root to all of this is the non-dual awareness. Tao. Infinite, birthless, deathless.

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