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When people shout...

...they are always shouting at themselves.


To expand upon this point I mean to put over the idea that people are shouting at their own inability to control a situation. Shouting at a child, a co-worker, another driver or so on is the person truly just voicing some anger at an external target rather than at the direct source. As to shout at the real source they would have to point blame at themself and their failure at managing.

Also when people exclaim at failure, the shouting is for the same reason, an outward cry at their own incompetence.

The lesson then is twofold. When you are on the receiving end of shouting you can see the other person is upset over their shortcomings and you can help. When you are the one doing the shouting you can draw quickly to the real cause and hone in on your own shortcomings.

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Murr Brewster said...

Okay, but if I'm shouting at you, it's probably best all around if you don't try to help. I probably won't even be in the same car.

Ta Wan said...


Help is an interesting point that I did not get into, often the help required is to step back and let them explode and not offer any traditional advice or response, certainly it is better to back off than retaliate.