For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

The worship of Gods then is nothing but a fear based one or an egotistical pacifier.

You get from meal to meal without food. You get from drink to drink without liquid but you can't stop your dependence on air for a second. You're either moving it in, out, or holding on to it, constantly. Could air then be the Holy Spirit, something truly worth worship?

A miserable boss may tighten down on his employees lunch breaks, may take a stern view on coffee or drink breaks, may be happy to deprive you of family time or sleep, but he will never say a bad work against the Holy Spirit and claim control over your breathing.

A tired and stressed person stands with tight shoulders taking quick shallow breaths and when the stress subsides he will take a sigh of relief, one big long breath. A relaxed person will have slow, deep breaths, from his heels, and nothing will bother him. Is one closer to God?

I don't think so at all- but air is after all far more tangible than God, this conceptual being worshiped by adults as Santa Claus is by children. No air, dead. No God, things are just the same only less wars.

If I stand firstly and say that air is far more important than God then I would like to go a step further and destroy the farce of worship more so.

To worship a fictional entity is silly because the presence of a fiction does nothing on a moment by moment scale for you at all. Worship of air then is far more real as to go for a moment with none is death (I mean no air at all and not just holding your last breath for a while).

If the presence of something means there is life or no life then we could raise the question as to whether it deserves worship. We do not though worship the water cycle, bacteria or carbon. People choose to worship concepts, we are a species enslaved by mind and idea.

Worship itself is dependent on the thing being worshiped. Air in this case is an essential ingredient to worship of air: No air, no life, no worship of air. So worship is pointless, a back-tion, it is an aside to living, a waste of time.

Worship of a fictional God is done for one of a few reasons; Fear of not doing it, egotistical embellishment from doing it, a habitual act not yet questioned and cast off, cultural norm and the fear of stepping out of line. As billions worship one god so billions more worship a different God or no God at all. Still we live on. If a billion took to not breathing the fallout would be far more noticeable.

The worship of Gods then is nothing but a fear based one or an egotistical pacifier. The worship of something truly essential to life, say air, is more tangible yet pointless as if there were no air then the worship itself would be impossible. Worship either way adds nothing to the relationship of man and air.

Take air away from one man and God away from a believer, they will both thrash, both go blue in the face but only one will die from the asphyxiation.

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The Rambling Taoist said...

Great post! I had never thought of this issue before utilizing the aspect of air.