For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

The next phase

This can't be rushed and will occur by itself, by good will or forced necessity. To be one of the leading lights your job is to simplify your needs.

As we globally simplify so too the worlds greedy will be forced to do so, their ways of strangle holding markets for their gain will be weakened by unwilling markets and less profitable ventures - gradually we will all move the way of simplicity.

As this occurs the poor of the world will move up to meet the rich in a state of balance and all will be richer in spirit. Information carried by the oldest of traditions will become highly important as we, more in-tune with nature, feel new direction in our hearts.

More in-tune with nature our ideas will be to live at one and from this there will be great rewards. Natural fruits taste better, natural lands allow species to flourish and diversify, nature will shine with a billion colours.

After this move back to nature we will discover nature based technologies, qualities of stone, plants, land, peace in our hearts and minds and we will move in directions unseen by our self-centered materialist past.

All of this is just a dream as is reality right now. One way or another we dream a reality and sleep-walk the dream, convinced we can not alter it. We are though the root to the dream, we are not the sleep-walker. This life of me and you is the dream we the unified root are manifesting. Time to dream a little deeper, a dream less self-centered, a dream where love is the law.

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Brandon said...

It's a dream, but a sweet dream. I just worry about the nightmare humanity may have to go through to get to that point. We seem so bent on ignoring the doom we're walking towards, sometimes it's hard to believe that we might have this sort of evolution of the mind, the spirit, and come on these changes in a peaceful and calm manner.