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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt38

Yin and Yan expected a reunion. They did not know that Te had been observing them for over two years and was yet to consider them any more pressing an engagement than the other characters the island had to offer. They looked up in anticipation of Te climbing down from the tree and offering an apple. Te, however, was looking the other way at an animal dropping from the sky and swooping up from the sea with carrion; sadly their chance had been blown. Te had attempted to interact some time ago now and since the strange reception he now only saw his parents as a curiosity, as much a part of the land as him, but as distant as the sky.

Yin spent hours gazing into the tree tops. She did not want to interfere with Te but expected at some time that he would come down, at least out of curiosity. Without warning Te swung to a near by tree, then another and down - but quickly out of view. With no better ideas Yin called Yan and asked him if he would join her in thought.

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