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That time of year when we say:

"Happy birthday Jesus, still dead huh? Well that is what you get for fucking with the Jews - Still we will remember you when we sacrifice a fat bird, eat until we sleep, exchange gifts of shit we don't need in exchange for shit we couldn't afford whilst watching crap on TV."

Or, we have outgrown the whole thing and we just take the time off work and do our best to ignore the worship of materialism in the name of a long dead fictitious black man who was painted in white paint to enforce moral control and who's origins echo back through many other Sons or Suns from Horus to Krisna to a whole host of anointed ones who rose and set again.

Even though the story of Jesus took place in the Fictionolithic period it has had quite an impact over the years with some people even believing the tale, as some I suppose believe Luke did actually kill Darth a long long time ago in a galaxy far away.

Fiction or not the tale speaks of perhaps the worst impact a person can have on the world, be pro peace and have people even thousands of years later kill in your name.

Personally I'm going to go out and kill a Stones fan in the name of John Lennon. I may also sacrifice a small dog and eat it to show my true respect.

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Fay's Too said...

That resonates cuttingly with me. It affirms me and hurts me at the same time. Of course it's true. Let me go read it a few more times.

Fay's Too said...

Ok, I've figured it out. The only part that actually stings is the last paragraph! It's more to do with love of dogs. (I'll be ok.) And I love love love your honesty.

Brandon said...

yeowch! you mince no words with this one, that's for sure. Nicely put, though