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Nothing Tao Religion Tao Nothing

Nothing Tao/Dharma Religion Tao/Dharma Nothing is the path that life surely takes.

First there is no description then there is Tao, then come the religions, then through disagreement they are exposed, back to the simple Tao, and then forgotten again, nothing.

This does not need to be a cycle of many years though that we must watch or expect to end, not at all. As as one person somewhere is taking on a religion to serve some inner call so too someone is casting one aside. This cycle is more a natural intertwined system where all possibilities are always the case.

It may well be that you are leaving religion and seeing the purity of Tao, maybe you are seeing from the wisdom of Tao that simplicity needs no name - maybe you are upset by life and turning towards religion... so all of these go on together, but following this flow.

That is in fact Tao and that is in fact Dharma, the recognition of this natural flow and how all people are somewhere in it. Not that a great cycle is underway that we are all attached to, no, but that we all flow our own ways and that flow is.

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