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Run down the street and scream GHAWIIIIIIII!!

I just got back from dancing with my wife where she needed her own dance floor but, space limitations accepted, was forced to fit on the same one as everyone else. Still this did not restrict her dance moves that made me think of; all of the Jackson5, an entire Bollywood production, a cupboard of 15 gay man and an MP3 of dancing queen, wrapped into a tablet, swallowed by her, and washed down with 3 pints of cider.

She motivated everyone from security guard to glass collectors to the average drunk idiot, to get whatever limited funk they had, on. It was a great laugh.


We allowed a group of passing cave men (who had accidentally rolled into our portion of space-time) to stay at our place. Later the same day I went out to put our recycling in the bin and I found our guests sitting outside in the shared hallway of the apartment block. Were they to know the boundaries as defined by a door?

I asked them via ugs and sign language what they did of an average day. They danced, fucked and ate. Then they answered me and said: "we dance, we fuck and we eat. We make sure everyone is happy and then we find something to trip on.

When I took them to my workplace to show them what modern people did of a day they, for my own benefit, clubbed me over the head and teleported me back to a day in time before thinking was so foolishly invented.

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Fay's Too said...

GHAWWIIIIIII! Good on ya and your wife. If you're going to dance, get out there and move.
Congrats on your experience with the cave men.