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Reclaiming the Unnamed

I'd shaved my hair. The reason is it is practical, I don't care how I look, I have a diastase for paying for something I don't really want and not liking the results, so I just shave it every so often.

At work someone I had not known so long asked why I had shaved it, so as the real answer is dull, I said it was for religious reasons. Naturally after the slight to and fro in their head of should-I-should't-I they asked me what my religion was, and as I don't have one I said, I have not named it yet.

This left them a little stumped but where most dull people would give an "oh, right" they smiled and said "that's good", which it is (even though they were still humouring me). It is very good.

Going back to mans' roots to the times that combinations of wonder and curiosity went to forming ideas on the world I'm quite sure that their first ideas were not to name and formulate their ideas. It was only when differing groups, much much later, attempted to communicate ideas did the names and formulae come about.

At the beginning when ideas are pure they are not trapped by words even the name Tao is a horrible trap leading to books and books, more and more words, just to attempt to get the definition right - and you can't. Dharma in many interpretations is the same as Tao, an underlying principal of the universe, but so too a million more words will be written on their dissimilarities. Nameless as I have often said is the only sure bet.

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