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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt3

[The story began like this.]

Dead silent and posed as if gazing into each others eyes, yet blind to all the paradise around them had to offer the senses, deep meditation was taking place. Had the uncomfortable surroundings been apparent, had the meditation not so deeply absorbed them, perhaps one of them would have heard the sea creeping in below. Only an hour later did they stop meditating and find all they had brought from the mainland gone. Te’s first steps to enlightenment begin in advance of conception.

Yan was first to become aware of reality, he leaped up from the sand and spun around, jumping and turning, checking all directions he noticed all of their belongings had been taken by the sea.
‘This is it!’ he shouted, noticeably happy. Yin looked up towards him.
‘What is it? Did you find something special in your meditation?’
‘Yes, no, well of course..’ They were both well practised in meditation and would commonly reveal clarity to dormant issues as they passed through a transitional state between meditation and waking relaxation, and Yin was interested. Yan was not. ‘…I mean yes. But ignore that, look around you!’

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