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All is Te

All is Te.

That which you deem to be you is Te.

You must believe that in its totality before the instantaneous blissful realisation hits you that the real you (sought by seekers) is not and can not be Te - and cannot have any property whatsoever.

All is Te.

Ignore Tao for now. You will discover its nature after following this path.

Te emerges. Its first property is to compare itself to itself but it is itself – All you know is this.

By comparison space-time is formed. Space time is Te. Space is Te, time is Te. All is Te. It is comparing itself to itself.

This happens constantly and has no real time. Time is Te and so is not real. It is Te reflecting on Te.

The emergence of Te into anything from rock to tree (a memory of Te in Te) is Te looking at Te and Te (the birth of consciousness) looking at a record or memory of Te made from Te in Te. It’s all Te.

The emergence of a dog is Te looking at Te and believing Te is real (the birth of self).

The dog believing the sore on its back which it is chewing is its real self is only Te looking at Te and feeling Te (the birth of suffering).

A human is Te looking at Te and suffering; believing Te to be the self. The ego is born from Te seeing Te and looking at a world of Te and believing it to be the truth and the real “I”.

That is the “I” you deem to be you reading this. It is Te (the false ego) looking at Te (the false self) and Te (the false reality) and seeing Te (the false pleasure and pain).

That happens over and over again in a succession too quick to for Te to ever catch up with. Te is fooled by its own self.

The true reality.

What can allow movement? – something without that property.
What can allow time? – something without that property.
What can allow suffering? – something without that property.
What can allow relativity, object, subject....? – something without those properties.

The gift Tao gives those willing to see it; is that it is birthless deathless and of no property. It was there at your birth, is there now – unchanged. It is the stillness that allows for motion to be seen. It was there when Buddha reached for a bowl of food – unchanged; it can see the ultimate slowness as it does not contain that property; nothing can be too fast for it as it never moves. It allows for that by not being that.

These words are Te. They are being read by Te. Processed by Te’s big ego – itself made from Te. All is Te. Te only exists because we have the privilege of stillness formless changeless Tao.

Know Tao to be the ultimate reality but that your concepts of it are Te.

All is Te.

Te is of Tao.

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