For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.


I sat for 22 years in either the monastery or the grounds, on rare occasions I sat on trains or buses and then briefly in the locations I had been called to. In all of that sitting I was determined to realize fully what I had accepted mentally, that the Tao is all that is and this life is a captivating reflection.

For years, years and years, I worked towards this place. My determination was rewarded by rank in the monastery and this rank only soiled my path. I desired more to be small and I worked harder at menial tasks to lower the rank so fictitiously bestowed on me. I was seen to have near perfection by my compatriots and masters but inside I knew my path was still winding, it was not settled, I had not got to where I had by reason deduced was my end.

After 23 years I walked out of the monastery and I went to sit with my wife of now 33 years. She welcomed me in, a much different man than the one who she so compassionately let go of his family commitments to serve his higher draw. She sat me down, looked upon me through wrinkled, loving eyes, smiled at me a warm and loving smile and handed me a bottle of what used to be my favourite beer.

As it hissed open and I took a sip, the fresh bubbles spitting onto my top lip as I sipped. I realized what I had always wished to realize. As a tear moved down my cheek towards my lip so my wifes lips came to touch mine.

I was awake, my journey was complete and I was in love with perfection.

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baroness radon said...

At the risk of being impertinent, I'm wondering if you might tell me what monastery (where, what type) you sat at. I'm guessing a zendo, but just curious since you mention leaving it.

Ta-Wan (at work) said...

it's a made up story :)

The Rambling Taoist said...

Real - not real. What does it matter? Twas a breathtakingly beautiful story on any account.