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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt29

Now aged 7 Te was showing a great desire to explore and his parents’ thoughts had been dedicated to how they would get him to communicate his pure thinking to them. ‘What can we learn from him, anything?’ They were startled that morning, just before sunrise, when Te stumbled across their camp.
‘Nughn na! Nugna vaaaaa…’ Te poked at Yan then, giggling, he hid in the shadows. Realising in a second who had disturbed them, Yan held back his initial urge to protect and turned instead to check Yin’s was awake for the show. As the pair looked to where Te had run to Yan pointed towards the silhouette of a fruit being plucked from a tree.

A little unsure of how Te would react to them they held each other and held his gaze. Inside both were excited and fascinated by every move he made. Te approached holding the fruit, taking a bite he then held it as an offering to the anxious couple.
‘Nyyyg’ said Te, gesturing with the fruit towards Yin. He paused to rub his belly.
‘Is it good? Is that nice apple for me?’ said Yin.
Confused Te dropped the fruit near Yin and went back a few steps. Yin smiled and took the fruit, ‘thank you’ she said and gestured as to whether she was welcome to take a bite. Te looked on. Yin rubbed the sand from the apple and took a bite, she beamed towards her child and said ‘thank you… Te’. Again Te giggled and this time ran in circles a couple of times. He pointed to the tree where he had found the apple and signalled for them to follow his lead.

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