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The non-fix

I've said this so many times and even heard that it is not so original at all, recently on a new recording (to me at least) I've head Alan Watts quoting someone saying similar in 1945.

The idea is, and I just restated it yet again over on The Rambling Taoist in a comment;

"It is those who attempt to shape the world who make such a mess of it. My choice then is to not attempt to fix the world, lead by example in doing this, and just wait for nature to correct the balance (as she does so well). Interference no matter how well intended always, no exception to date, messes things up more."

I prefaced the statement with a question "Is the following an excuse or wisdom indeed?" and after posting I went through a routine in my head.

A) States the above " "

B) "The fact you began with a question means that you are unsure of yourself and my answer would be; yes, it is an excuse, and further that your method of not-fixing is a method in itself so also fails by its own definition."

A) "Ha, well done, but my non-fixing is wu wei and right along side Tao, I do not do I just allow her flow, and trust the solution will come."

B) "The fixer is also going with the flow and maybe it seems cross grain to you but this is the very fix Tao has in mind."

A) "Indeed we can say of the Amazon that the destruction is a great thing as all that needs to be reborn must first die, all that is to grow a new must first be destroyed. I am however talking of the path of nature. While man prevents one forest fire, thus saving that which should never have been saved, he also destroys another patch of land for financial gain and this land should not have been destroyed. In either way it is the great way of nature to redress balance and grow back. This, natures way, is the Tao I will not stand in the way of. The fix for me is to let her be the clock for what perishes and when regrowth shall come and let man find wonder in that so he does not need to seek wonder in destruction. Destruction that is an outward expression of inner disharmony."

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