For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Who can see life as it *really* is

Is it entirely anti-sociable and thereby wrong to be an LSD dropping hippie dude who wants to sit in a field next to a multi-coloured bus and discuss the fabric of reality?

Is it extremely wrong to be so determined in the future stability of the world that one man enrolls in politics and demands that thousands go to war to kill millions in the name of 10's of past dead?

Is it unquestionably bizarre to want to work a job to support a child through day-care?

Should one who talks to invisible people be locked in an asylum?

Should one who talks to God be held in high esteem?

All of these people can be seen as wrong and all can be seen as dead right. Only a couple may be said to see life as it really is and none of them actually do.

The politician and the religious man are the most crazy in my eyes, the one working to support a child through day care is a sad artifact of the current social current.

Everyone sees reality but none see the same one, perhaps only the man on LSD is wise to the fact that reality is a construct.

The reality seen is not the only one, far from it, the reality we see is one version of an infinite realities simultaneously unfolding. The only reality "as it really is" is the infinite itself and any view of reality from one persons view is not that.

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