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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt30

For some time Te lead and his amazed parents followed, he took them to watering holes, ripe fruit trees and showed them how he cracked coconuts. All of this they had seen before, but only from hiding places. They were curious how such skills develop, but that had to wait. Until now neither had seen him interact with a human, and this was the point of today. Te seemed uncontrollably happy at the interaction.

Te was in the moment, he was becoming more daring, and he pulled at Yan's hand then pushed against Yin’s leg as he began to run around more. He disturbed a large lizard who peered over the rock he had chosen to sun bathe on and - Te lashed out. He hurled a stone towards the lizard, which moved quickly but lost his tail to the accuracy of the shot. Horrified, Yin started to run to restrain Te and Yan was forced to grab her and pull her back. Te seemed to be conscious of his mother’s reaction and his laugh subsided. Soon he was running about again making noise. Yan took control and guided Yin back towards their camp. Te’s energy burst began to subside and he vanished into a near by crop of bushes.

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