For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Waterfall Awake Nature Pt18

Te had just eaten, really quite well. He cut a fit and slender figure as he preened his favourite plants and trees which he picked from and he was blessed with fruits, crushed roots and leaves which appeared next to him when ever he awoke. Yin had provided quite a harvest with sunrise this morning. The lack of sleep and changing of the seasons had made for a good nights produce. Te was drawing shapes in the sand. Yan watched on from out of cover, they had decided to stick to the plan.
‘We really have done the right thing.’
‘And we know we can always change our minds if we both agree. Is he drawing a face?’

After meditation that afternoon Yan, who had been increasingly interested in how science was said by some at least, to be leaning towards Eastern Philosophy, said.
‘But isn’t it the case that religion has always filled the gaps? Wind was the wind god, then we realised it was caused by baked beans.’
Yin poked him and laughed, Yan continued.
‘No, he, it, I have a point. God fills the gaps. Long before science, mystics had everything down to God; it is an entirely natural assumption for man. Many people took the name God to be a superior controlling character, who would send you to hell for not believing it was all down to him, instead of just the name for the ultimate One defined in all religion. Along side people questioning God, science was evolving with the attempt to measure and deconstruct, to find building blocks, and God’s necessity waned. But then science became so awe inspiring that it appeared to many as God or at least Tao or ...’
‘Get to the point Mr Scientist’ Yin joked, as she breathed deeply to cope with the bombardment.

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