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masonry secret societies and the free you

This blog is more about the unknowable, infinite universe that comes forth as an incredible show than about the micro-show of human pop media culture. I don't have TV or follow the news but the particular areas of freedom of information and speculation over the control of humanity are areas that interest me.

Let's begin with human nature as it relates to the well known entry level secret society/cult of Masonry. Brilliantly no Mason will tell you one word of truth about the inner workings of the Masons so everything they say on the subject to you is a lie. This is because this is one of the first oaths they take, to never pass on the inner workings to a non-mason. So anything said by any Mason who comes to stand up for themselves in response to this post or to you if you question them, will be a lie.

Masons will accept that they form very beneficial back-scratching relationships within the private workings of their organisation and it is simple then to see how such relations, going on behind the veil of secrecy, can easily lead to covers and facilitators for greedy, self-serving work and for further levels of secrecy. Naturally, as is human nature, two men with the ability to control a situation, will. They will also beyond this go on to form higher levels of secrecy and they will do their utmost to contain and pass on this power to only a select few.

If this can happen in the local village, in small business, then obviously it will become big business, it will soon involve police, secret service people, politicians, bankers and they will all, while serving the one cover, say Masonry, also form new in-crowds who protect their particular line of interest. Masonry is said to operate on many levels where lower levels are completely bamboozled by higher ones, this to the point where one man may well believe he is a Mason for good and he genuinely has a community serving role but those above him are using his good name to hide darker acts behind the next door.

Now in an infinite universe this is just one little human side-show but as all readers of this will be humans we will in this human form be quite interested how this natural path from secrecy and self-serving results in absolutely every single decision made by banks, government, media and so on. These self-serving secret societies are so ingrained in the workings of the world now that your every act, where you shop, what you buy, what you watch, what war your country fights, which people of the world shall starve, which lives are deemed less valuable, what the energy policies are and everything that touches your life, is governed by greed of those hiding behind secrecy - and who are sworn, even at entry level, to never tell you a word of truth.

We may as well all just get on. I'm sure that all of you reading would be happy to just wake up, see your local fruit and vegetable seller, exchange some goods or services for their produce, go home and have a nice day. Smiling at everyone you see, having a nice get together and just being pretty damn happy and peaceful.

Why then do we wake up to war on the news, drug crimes, hate crimes, fear of terror, a world whose population is staggeringly poor, most of us are in abject poverty scratching for a living, no education, no hope, in war-zones controlled by 5% of the world who have 95% of the money.

Naturally we'd be simple and happy. Unnaturally we have this bullshit that everyone accepts as normality - the reason it exists is that we have given power away.

The goal of this blog then is to have everyone realize the fact that they are the expression of the universe itself. And to dance a new dance.

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