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Destiny or Free Will?

Destiny or Free Will? Done or Do?

Does Conscious give rise us or did some goo get complex and become conscious?

None of the above are strictly the case, only perspectives.

Such questions are quite apparently the product of mind and mind is naturally polar in its operations.

There is a happening which does not strictly form the next happening and is not strictly caused by the previous. Senses make up a world and a moment later they do the same, theirs is the continuity, the mind is convinced the continuity has reality but it is far from the case.

Study patterns of oil on water, study the stars in space. When studying the patterns of oil on water allow your mind into the constituent parts where the patterns are no longer visible. When studying the patterns of stars in space allow your mind to accelerate the process and see patterns. That time-dimension that causes the stars to seem vast and the patterns of oil to seem small are mind-made. The vastness and the small are polar as you always build a world relative to you as middle and center.

So to with Doing and Done, with Right and Wrong, with High and Low, you build a binary from you as center. Truly none are the case, beyond the mind this being is infinite, ungraspable and all grasping, all measuring, all ideas, all this and that, doing and done are illusion made for entertainment, not remotely real.

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Rizal Affif - The Soul Sanctuary said...

Only perspectives, indeed.

Many believed particular perspectives as absolute truth, because they do not recognize the big picture, the All-Encompassing. Such gave birth to true and false, good and bad, good and evil...

They're limited perspectives of ungraspable infinite.

Nice one, Ta Wan :)

Doug '1Yogi2Many' McMillan said...

...real or unreal...

... hmmmm ...


Ta Wan said...

Yes Doug you cheeky boy. The old real and unreal trap of language :D

Of course English itself does trap you in the end. Pointing to the non-dual with a dual language is silly :P