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On the hole

I'm just back from a cycle ride which on the whole was great and on the hole was a little sore. Sore hands too, it's been a while since I rode so far and a few things rubbed, but it was great.

I headed out initially towards the beaches, starting and Bondi I rode the length from north toward the southern end where I watched the skaters on the skate park. I love watching them and I love the organic flow of the graffiti on the park, far more natural than the vast lump of curved concrete that goes to make the promenade.

From Bondi I continued south up a little then dropping down to Tamarama beach a nice quiet beach with high cliffs, the rocks are great to look at here and from there I continued to Bronte beach which is a very lovely smaller cove popular with families and the more relaxed folk taking a step away from Bondi.

The choice then was either onward to more beaches ending at Coogee or to turn inland towards the park and I chose the latter. It is a very steep climb from sea level up to the peak where the huge park starts but after that it is nearly all down hill through the park and towards home.

This part of the ride was by far the best, as much as I like having great beaches right by the city this big park with its several lakes is where I find great peace. Birds sing, trees sit with great pomp and the water feeds all. I took some time to rest my hole and sit taking it all in before I headed back home.

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