For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Other beings, alien beings, other realms, worlds, states..

We are surrounded by beings we can interact with and we still have little time for many of them and can't get close to communicating with trillions of them be they similar in size or very different indeed.

People imagine life before their birth, life after death, other states, other worlds, other possibilities, other realms such as heavenly ones, alien ones, and while in an infinite universe there surely exists more than you can imagine, these imagined worlds are just that; products of the mind and shaped in such a way as to simply be variations on the theme we live already.

What infinity truly has to offer is far an away beyond those simple ideas of other places and beings, it pushes ideas of being, or space and time and goes far and beyond.

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