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cyclic time, linear time - no time at all

Certainly more spiritual is the notion of cyclic time over linear. Linear has creation and destruction and order, cause effect and meaning which all lead to a whole host of issues such as reason and top-down control, also such wonders of creation over such horrors as destruction and such pains as life after death and eternity in damnation.

Cyclic time is a wiser, nicer, description that says we, like the planets and seasons, go through cycles so good times are always replaced by bad and back again.

What I must draw attention to though is that time itself, linear or cyclic, is mind-made illusion. Taking the Hindu notion of Kalpas, extremely long time frames that the great cycle transitions through, we are lead to consider a highly inventive and pictorial story of times of great perfection slowly degrading to times of lesser and, obviously eventually resulting in pure horror only to then swing on through back the other way as times improve once again. In some tellings the cycle sort of jumps from total destruction to a new birth and this in a way fits linear views.

What is more the case though is not cyclic time, be it vast or not, but no time at all and simply a viewpoint. In all moments there are people living terrible lives and people living perfect ones. The world always seems to be degrading or at a point of decay where people talk of either end times or a time where the cycle should reverse but in the non-time view it is simply that there exists the total net of infinity and this can be seen in any way by each and every observer.

With infinity we must accept that an infinite universe can not cycle, it must instead be all possible configurations at once and always. It can only seem to change because as a part of the infinite dance it brings about complex characters who form a world, time and space from senses and minds. These beings who are just one configuration of the infinite produce a view that seems to have time, space, cause-effect and meaning. That is the fascinating place of the human, seemingly creating a little blip in the infinite that has meaning, right wrong and duration.

Simply a little bit of the infinite universe that seems to be the entire universe. What a fun game Tao plays, for never and never.


So it does not cycle good/bad, it just always seems to contain good and bad. As long as there is mind, there seems to be 'as-long-as' and good and bad. Being that the infinite is always infinite then you need not concern yourself with the suffering or pleasure others seem to have or not but just to live in acceptance that you are playing a part of the infinite dance under a vivid illusion that of so called reality.

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