For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

large hadron collider

I can not accept a finite universe as, if finite, it must be held by something and so then it was not finite at all but given a boundary.

Most of us agree for some reason or another that there is an infinity. What then are we doing trying to measure or describe that? Only a lunatic could set about trying to measure or break infinity into constituent finite parts - Mad as it is, that is science and we as tax-payers fund that lunacy even though we believe in infinity.

I want my money back. Large Hadron Collider - I'd rather spend my tax money on a meal a day for all of humanity for life.

Then. If reality is infinite and so indescribable, immeasurable, unknowable and far and away beyond the limits of our senses and minds, science, religion and any form of explanation is farcical. What is worth our ink if all of the big questions are struck off the record?

Perhaps we are left with philosophy, deciding what is right and what is not, this though is just as mad. As who is deciding, who is in any position to say what any other may or may not do?

What else then? I would say the only thing worth any thought: (science is out, philosophy is out) all we have left is the human condition and working for global happiness.

Now we have a very special start point here. We are all human and very similar by that core fact. We can not know infinity and we can not decide what is right and wrong for others but we can relate to suffering and we can, by being human, recognize in others when they are happy, sad or pretending to be happy. We can know real happiness and we can point others towards it.

This is perhaps the only thing worth your heart beats.

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