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Whoops I broke space-time

To encourage a person out of their awful addiction to facts I drew a line on a piece of paper and said "look:

Look at the line. See how the mark is a line but get closer, it wobbles, closer still and it has breaks. You piece together these marks and say there is a line but closer in the line is not even joined. Close enough and I can pass through the line and start following the paper in an entirely new direction.

Closer I may become fascinated by the texture of the paper, I may get into the fibers and start to see how they are not a flat piece of paper but a whole new 3D world with new paths in every direction. What of the line now? No interest, I follow these fiber threads and go where I like. But closer still...

Now, closer, I decide to move between the fibers and I go through holes in between them, through the paper and I see currents of air flowing through there too. Obsessed I grab hold of a bit of air and I ride it, flowing, madly in every direction. I go in deeper and I see different patterns, I see parts of air, different gases of different patterns of different behaviors, I grab the spinning boundary of one and I whiz deeply towards an apparent center.

Deeper I go and I find powerful energies of great binding and great repulsion, existing by both their power to hold form and their resistance against other great forces. I think back to the ink. Onward.

Now in a world of forces I brave it and push into something invisible but beyond measure in force. I push in deeper and deeper determined to see what this force has to offer. I break through what I used to know as time. Now I exist in no-place and at no time. I venture on but as expected I can no longer relay my story back to you.

There is no such thing as a straight line my friend, your equations bore me, I'm breaking barriers you can only measure the meta dynamics of.

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Eric Dubay said...

WOW. Slow clap, build to uproar. You're getting really really good at expressing the unexpressable. Keep it up.