For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Waterfall Awake Nature Pt44

[Things Te would say.]

Heaven and hell are only experienced by us in life. You could have been a mother of a bomb victim or a young father in Africa of a family all with AIDS. You could be miserable because you care about something someone said, even though their intentions, reasoning, your comprehension, mood and more stood between them and you, you chose to occupy a negative created by your interpretation, you chose! You could be an old man by a lake fishing, wearing ancient clothes, and a huge contented grin. You could have used your brain, looks, physique or a skill to make money. Your bank balance could have over 8 digits. You could be anyone and you are just that to someone. Let us act as one and feed the world first, then form an economy afterwards and stop acting with individual importance, no matter how small or controlled it seems, it’s there. Yes you have desire; you want to be who you want to be. So do. The world is made entirely of great people who will live together joyously when they are free from influence which places them at odds with others. The actual guys in the armies fighting for fabricated (you know better than to deny this) reasons are guys who eat drink and think about sex and want to be happy. That’s the guys on both sides, they don’t really care which group of oil barons gets a particular contract, even if they don’t go to the same church. Why do we show allegiance in war when we would never kill a child, to a country who enforce tax and law on us including laws not to kill? Like we need telling! Why accept the reasoning? Why are these soldiers killing each other for men who wouldn’t even enter a fist fight themselves but do so want control of a certain flow of cash? Those ones who stand above us and decide there will is best. Leaders, are acting with an unchecked lust of result, they have decided that their thoughts are, in the main, correct and just and that countries and people of the world or small companies and people of the world can depend on their perception and desire over their own free will and wishes. They occupy these roles because we service them, by voting or not, we let them in, respect their claim of control, accept their reasoning and any action even when children die and millions starve. While we know that the majority of people interested in power mean well, they cannot bring about anything coherent or lasting, will make mistakes, and will be biased. This is not due to the minority affecting them, but by the impossibility of building static rules for a dynamic. Although anyone with the desire for rule should be filtered wisely if for no other reason than this desire, we are to believe that the best ones get the job. Even so the best intentions to rule without complete adaptability will fail some people by overly benefiting others and as people vie for a position in this fabricated divide we instantly develop a vast canyon of separation. The flow will absorb interference and unwittingly our actions will have effect, perhaps never connected or seen for years. But if you are still missing the evidence all around you…!

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