For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

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The unenlightened state is asking what it should do to become enlightened( - seeker), or lower down the scale it is asking what it should do to ease the mind, to occupy the mind or so on( - general person in day-to-day life).

Prior to this state was the non-asking state and unmanifest energy, be they for the sake of vocabulary, Yin and Yang. The person was undisciplined so this state was not maintained and Yin or Yang were allowed to rise out of balance or they began to dance in a way. This activity gave rise to a person-world and the person was lead to ask either "what shall I do to occupy myself" (- general person) or "What must I do to gain enlightenment" (- seeker).

The general person we know looks to the media, entertainment, self gratification and other such fixes which temporarily occupy the mind and distract it from unease. We also know though how this leads to more unease, the care of opinions of others, the maintenance of the distractions and an inevitable tumble as mind again takes over.

The seeker is attracted to distractions but is aware of methods to draw the mind not to distraction but back to its root. Not to satisfy cravings of imbalanced Yin and Yang but to instead cultivate Te from this interaction and use that energy to draw back to the root, to neutralize the imbalance and again settle to the Tao, the state where all just is.

A master, can see the patterns arising early and cope well with them, they may also have routines in life that help them stay centered and so less liable to suffer imbalance.

A sage is so rooted that such rises and imbalanced moments are mere shows that go to enforce their solid unwavering grounding.

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