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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt10

‘Will he be lonely when we leave him alone completely?’ asked Yin.
‘Alone from who?’ was the scientist’s response.

[Time passed. They stayed distant.]

When Te was four and a half, Yin could hold off no longer, he was given his first human meeting since being a baby. It was agreed that he should be made aware of ‘others’. The doting parents had enjoyed hours of parenting; seeing Te encounter his first butterfly, watching him locate his first food and laughing as he realised that salt water wasn’t so tasty- But that was all remote and justifying this contact provided them both a very special moment of interaction. Yin knew that she couldn’t interfere in his unknown quest, but she needed to hold him! She said ‘a meeting could not be seen to affect anything.’ So it was decided.

The great plan, as first conjured on that hot day some years before, was that Te would be allowed to form a completely free mind. Dad was a scientist so was curious as to what that could be and Mum, well she loved him dearly, and needed to interact.

The encounter was short and both could have had it last forever, Yan was fascinated and didn’t blink. They both allowed themselves to stay longer than they knew they should. Yan talked excitedly and far too much, even as his ramblings veered to that same conclusion and of the futility of speaking English in front of ‘Tarzan’, and the potential effect on the experiment, he couldn’t hold back. Yin touched and held and kissed and cried a little too much. Their Te was beautiful.

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