For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Waterfall Awake Nature Pt32

As Yan slept he slipped into a lucid state and was aware of a fantastic alternative to the current pain in his reality. His best wishes guided him on a dream set not too far in the future where he imagined Te as a great leader to the world of science. In the dream Te was in front of a captivated audience of the greatest minds known to science and of the Religious world’s greatest thinkers and leaders. He was dictating a picture of the universe, space and time as we perceive it, but with an incredible sideways look from him. Western and Eastern minds were in rapture to the ever innovative and thought provoking lecture. Scientists seemed desperate to run out of the room to test any theories they could, all of which seemed so amazingly astute, yet remained, gripped. Note pads were overflowing, Dictaphones running out of tape.

‘The visible galaxy…’ he said ‘ a fraction of ‘The One’ we find in the mind of Religion, yet for a perceiver contained two opposing forces in a basic sense, the initial division perceivable and unperceivable. Therefore matter and doesn’t matter. The sub forces which manifest as matter are vastly more comprehensible than the One, especially the minority apparent to our senses. These help us see change and from this the illusion of polarity; being or non being, instead of just now; life and death, instead of part of the ongoing flow- with no start stop mechanism!; good and bad or right and wrong instead of appropriate, and so on. In fact any situation where you visualise an extreme instead of a relative natural position in flux somewhere between these conceptual poles. Or you follow an ideal not set by you but defined by an elaborate set of other peoples’ principals.
But that is actually everything you know, think or say! Because nothing you have is uniquely yours, so be mindful of your every act. Why do you sit like that? What opinion can you have over any situation if either first hand or from memory, let alone from another’s and conveyed with the restriction of words and comprehension? You could certainly not describe a painting over the telephone and expect a perfect copy. You could certainly not describe your emotion exactly; even the process of doing would quickly send you through several variations in emotion. So why take someone’s view on anything? Or even respect your own opinion you formed on a different day, in a different mood? Is it convenience or lack or awareness? How with this inaccuracy in communication, even in our own heads, do we explain science, space, conciseness and being? We invent a language of exactness! And this to explain the most infinitely dynamic of all things!’

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