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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt7

Glowing with pride for their son Te in one of the few unspoiled parts of nature left on earth, still both were quite new to living from the land. The island had many corals and related sea life thereof, fish, shellfish plus some thousands of other species variations. The land was habitat for many fruits, coconuts, roots a few small reptiles, mammals and many visiting birds. To allow for, and due to meditation, the couple were vegetarian, so ate well and the main task was to keep meals interesting. The seasons were few, slight, yet had noticeable effect on the sky, plants, bird activity and temperature over a year. Shelter was simple and mainly acted as well needed sun shade.

Te was in the Garden of Eden. The vision Yan had had almost a year before, on the deserted beach moments before the couple’s most simple belongings were taken by the sea, was becoming real. Every day Yin prayed for sickness to pass Te by, and it seemed to work. Yan stood by his assumption that his boy would grow strong.
‘He can’t catch mumps or flu, there’s no one on this Island but us 3. Te has nothing to be afraid of. Your prayers only help you inside but we both feel that way.’
Yin shaped a hesitant smile. ‘It is in my nature to worry, what if our choice proves wrong? He will never fit into a normal life and school, and..’

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