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sticky leaks

A scenario to concider:

Assange used as scapegoat and fall guy for a situation where some not so secret stuff is released, the backlash is mass hacking of mainstream sites such as Amazon and some banks with threats of this hitting government sites. (already happened)

People begin to fear this and after hacking goes epidemic suddenly the internet as a whole goes under. People on-mass call for the internet to be controlled and the internet becomes a very controlled, limited and non-free (as in beer and speech) place.

The solution being that Wiki Leaks was a 911 kind of event brought about with the intent of forming a fake situation where the intent is to cause humanity to demand protection they do not need and give away more of their freedom.

...yet this could also simply be a wider way to slight the character of a hero and only time will tell if this particular side-show of wikileaks will result in anything positive. Of course we all hope for the best but in the world of espionage how can we ever know?

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