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Wei Wu Wei - again.

The action of the Tao is not action at all, nothing does it. It does by not doing. The supreme way of the Sage or person of Tao is also said to be that of Wu Wei, or Wei Wu Wei [Wei - action, Wu - non, Wei - action].

And it came up again with me today as it does on various occasions that we can't do anything anyway, any attempt is a vain gesture - as there is no possible doer of the act.

The doer is a manifestation that arises after the event and is called I or Ego. I is the root of the thought that arises also after the event. Our senses can not see the 'right now' as they take time to process that which at best comes to us at the speed of light. The senses take the signal, process, the I thought is born and to it is attached the idea that it was the doer of the event that it just bore witness to.

Event > birth of the I witness > processing > attachment of I witness to processed event > idea that I was the doer of the event.

End of post.

A note:

We are so used on the whole to attaching our every action to the I Ego that we don't explore this situation.

My recent post that was asking if I was enlightened was a big fall on my part as I allowed the ego to write a big long post on if it were enlightened or not. I have written many times before how there is no I to be enlightened, I is an Idea, and have posted numerous times on the being no real doer, and that Ego and I are the smoke after the fire. The whole post was an error and thankfully balance appears to have been regained.

Wei Wu Wei, the universe does by not doing, and I do not do a thing.

If I asks again whether it is enlightened I will slap it harder than before, and if I miss the beat, please on behalf of the universe slap me out of it.

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Rizal Affif said...

Doing by not doing...

Shinzen Nelson said...

Good times, we do struggle with 'ego' getting in the way or attaching to the action.

What is even more frustrating is that at some point in time we try to get rid of ego...but the joke is that ego is a delusion of the has no real you say, there is no doer of the only feels real the more we struggle with it.

Maybe this is why many of the sages laugh a lot. They can see the joke.

Tao said...

True, the last thing this should be is serious :D

I can tell from my own words that it is ego again who is upset over how ego made a fool of himself :D

Detaching from that is the ongoing practice.

destroy all monsters said...

Do you ever wonder if you're saying you're not enlightened in order to protect your ego from being shown it is not so?

Tao said...

destroy all monsters:

This is a big part of the issue. Only the ego would say it so any saying of it must be ego so must be false.

Any living being must have a sense of I for operation in the world but to feel that the sense of I is in charge is the root to suffering as I plainly reminded myself :-)