For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

If you had free will..

..and by that I mean the ability to change history, have future plans go just the way you want... Then life would be so so deeply deeply dull.

For free will there must be an entity to have that will and there must be time over which this will is intended to occur. If one factor in your equation is false or guessed then the possibility of an exact answer is none. And, in this equation of entity, time and will, there is not one with reality.

Depending on your age you may well have played a computer game that was too hard, maybe even just Sudoku or a Crossword.. The challenge of each level gave great and increasing reward but the current one is too tough - so you type in a "cheat code" and now you have the ability to get the special item that gets you out of the level or complete the game.

The game is ruined at this point. You'll cheat again, and again, you'll finish the game and have no real reward from it.

The very same variety and spice to life that is loved is the same thing with a different name as the unexpected mishaps. 'I did it' has the same root as 'I failed'.

If the universe gave itself get out clauses, cheat codes, special cases and so on it would have finished itself off by now. The universe is instead a real daring player, it will give rise to infinity knowing that it must live out that infinity to the fullest, it will give rise to all from that which kills it to that which produces a magic show so incredible that it is all worth while. If it had designs they would fail and more so they would fail to bring about true wonder. Whether there have been a million universes come and go or we are at mark 1 the case is the same, it plays the big game to the fullest, no cheating.

In it for the dance and not the end.

So just go with it.

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