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Imaginary friend

Who is your imaginary friend?


Well you have an imaginary self!


Any action you do is carried out by an actor. An imaginary center given a name and date of birth.

I wont hang around to discuss how we should get by without such labels. I wont take the ridiculous stance that language has no use. But I will say how nothing that is built from these ideas can have any more substance than the initial ideas. So none.

Self (the little one you think is you) is imagined. That same self is caught in the whirlpool of life and feels the ebbs and flows.

The true self is the flow.

Put the imaginary self away, cast it aside and grow up. Become what you were before your date of birth.

Pickup the plasticine person and squeeze them back with the rest of the dough, make a world and recognize yourself as that.

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Liara Covert said...

Do nothing and reconnect with the all. Be the I am in the moment. Detach from everything other than love.

Shinzen Nelson said...

I like "become what you were before your date of birth." As Bankei would say, "Trust and abide in the Unborn Buddha Mind"

Eric Dubay said...

Have you read Ramana Maharshi's books/transcribed dialogues? I think you'd love them


Tao said...

Nope, but will now ..