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In two sips

I absentmindedly, while reading, took a sip of Tea, then another, then put it down, pushed up my glasses on my nose and continued from the exact part of the sentence I was reading as if nothing had happened.

The 2nd sip was the clincher, Who decided one was not enough? It was not ego who was simply the viewer, the result of the consigning and collection of events and who would normally take the glory. Maybe the sense organs relayed to somewhere else that sip one was not enough liquid volume, but the liquid was cool enough to catch a 2nd sip of before the muscle tendencies put the cup down as a result of the nerve tendencies to protect the mouth from the increase in heat.

All in all it was a very complex thing to happen autonomously and I did not forget to beat my heart or forget to keep gravity at 9.8m/s or forget to have all electrons repel at the normal rate. The result of the complexity was manifested to viewer as man sips tea twice while reading and adjusts glasses. To me it was I had a sip of tea. Who was the I there?

Was it the same I who was flying this morning in his dream? The same I who can fly in dreamtime, the same I who walked me to work as I took in the view of the trees, the same I who took in the view of the trees? All these I's are moments where the overall operation is taken to be the action of the star of the show Mr Ego yet he did not do one of these events.

The star of the show just rolls into set where the huge film crew have set the stage, the effects team have all their parts in place and timed to perfection, the co stars don't miss a beat - and the star takes all the credit.

The ego then is nothing more than yet another part of the show. The show is life and I'm as much a part as the rain. There is no I here. The I is a ghost, a shadow of the true action.

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