For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

you again?

If I can see form. I must have none.

If I can see space be it tiny be it huge but always it be something, then I must have none.

If I can sense movement, I must be still.

If I know stillness and I know light speed. I must truly be absent of either.

I can only be that with no qualities to be able to see that with any.

I must be, for want of a better word, a singularity.


Now one with their mind as a guide will argue how something with form can witness something else with form, and in the mind this is true, yet the mind is the seer of form and mind has none. I am going as far as I can to escape "reason" as to know the potential and limits of the mind is to have no mind. Mind can not fully see itself.


For there to be present, here now, I must be forever absent.

Being forever absent I am unchanging.

Unchanging and absent I give rise to all and am, the only witness.

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Doug McMillan said...

I am the formless one . . .

. . . yes, it's me again!

I see myself in the reflection of a life I create. But I am NOT there in that life I live, I am here . . .

. . . observing myself in the theater of life, simultaneously on the stage and yet here I am in the audience. How can this be, if there is only me? I am in two places at once, seemingly . . .

Shinzen Nelson said...

We are wave and particle...form and formlessness...maybe

Tao said...

The mind gives rise to, or even is, form, wave and particle.

There is a great physics lecture (I need to dig out the link) where the guy gets a standing whooping ovation for putting the wave/particle debate to rest. Basically that it is our decision which we see and that it is neither.

I like to look on the world of form as if it were the mind itself. I knock on solid items and it makes me laugh how they seem to solid.

I have no idea though what we call real and what we call mind really are but, like most of you, I feel they are one in the same.

"Here we sit with not one idea,
no-thought and your life are one kind;
The solid reality that you can touch,
is one with the ungraspable mind."

To quote myself again :)

Doug McMillan said...

Brilliant again Tao . .

. . by the way, it is very nice to meet you Shinzen Nelson :-)

. . there so many words, but so few do justice to be-ing . . .

Shinzen Nelson said...

Nice meeting you as well Mr. McMillan...and thanks for recently joining the Broken Bokken Blog...I look forward to our conversations.

Hi Tao...if you can find that link I would like to read it...thanks. I love popcorn for the brain.

Tao said...

It is 'probably' one of these movie clips. Sorry I can't identify the exact one.

Shinzen Nelson said...

No problem. Till next postings.