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New spiritual language

The new greeting when meeting is "I" - meaning "Hello my infinite self" and also recognition of the I in you and the I in them being one and the same.

The ultimate shall be called "I" as there is no difference between I and I.

The root of ego shall be called "I" as it likes the name.

Mind shall be called "I-mind" or "I-thought" and shall not be given much credence.

Feelings or references of individual self shall be called "I-self" or "I" for short.

An object, say computer, shall be called "computer" and we will adopt all other nouns from the well known and popular English language.

Ownership of objects will not carry the same weight as in English though and computer will be know to be owned by I.

"I, Can I borrow I computer?"

"I, sure, it belongs to I." 

"I, ok, I just wanted to blog on I blog about a new language. I return to I after."

"I it's ok, I can keep it." 

Divisions and relative concepts shall always be given the prefix "f'n" (fake notion).

"Where shall we meet?"

"Hmm, how about in the park near the f'n-large I-duck pond at f'n-one o'clock?"

"Are we f'n-expecting f'n-good f'n-weather?"

"yes, same f'n-weather all f'n-week"

"I f'n-see you there about f'n-one then." 

You can tell this is already quite similar to the spoken language of now but unifies swearing and removes the need for f'n spiritual inquest by f'n just calling everything f'n one from the f'n outset.

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Eric Dubay said...

F'n hilarious

Anonymous said...

f'n made me laugh