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What is Really Good?

If you have not visited What is Really Good before, then do.

Son Rivers has a number of blogs, these are two very nice ones Tao Lite and Awakurious

Rizal Affif provides more insightful spiritual postings at the Soul Sanctuary

For ramblings and many great Taoist resources you need to visit the Rambling Taoist

For you Zen Mind and how to defend your coffee from a brain freeze zombi The Broken Bokken

For all your green Tea and Buddhist quote needs Wabi Sabi Tea House

Masses of free Buddhist and spiritual stuff is linked to from Buddha torrents

As if the world needed another Yogi, read 1yogi2many

A nice collection of quotes and thoughts A far Distant Howl

The Septic Pen of Sachin Modeel

Karmyn Ayn has a few blogs and here are her poems

For general life goings on and all about the dog, read Fay's blog

Funny relief from spiritual garbage with MonkMojo

And to keep you abreast of the world as you get lost up your own spiritual back alley Atlantean Conspiracy


If you would like to be linked to you can ask, if I missed you, sorry, I'll add you when I next see you post.

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C. Om said...

Wow! I really appreciate that!

Eric Dubay said...

I'm a C. Om follower as well. Hope to see more frequent postings in the future! Peace


Doug McMillan said...

I also appreciate your kind comments Ta-Wan . . many thanks indeed . . I've made mention of you with a link on my latest blog :)

I also follow C. Om . . and MonkMojo who produced a wonderful piece of work whilst also promoting my blog.

Great stuff,