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Listening to the Beatles, spiritual practice

If my dad had any other taste in music I could have been suing him for abuse but luckily it was mainly Dylan, Neil Young and other greats and then about 90% of all other time that music was being played it was the Beatles. I heard a lot of Beatles. Hum a tune and I can tell you the next song on the album that would follow the one you hum.

Within the lyrics of the Beatles was plenty of rubbish along with much that meant little but accompaniment to melody, along side all of this there were also some great great lines. Harrison was perhaps the most Spiritual, Lennon the most visionary and McCartney was no slouch. Even Ringo in his limited writings came out with some winners.

I can't think of them all now but will rattle off a few:

Here there and everywhere - McCartney

I am he as you are me as ... - Lennon

within you and without you - Harrison

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Rizal Affif said...

Haha, so you truly write about Beatles :D this post is quite refreshing I think, after so much difficult talk about "I", "Tao", amd alike :D

So... "Imagine" does not make count, eh?

Leon Basin said...

Good stuff!