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Free spiritual beings

If you have a birth certificate you don't have to pay for anything, ever, it is just a scam. All you do is *sign* for any goods or service and the company/shop can take your signature and claim the debt payable from *your* government and treasury. Don't pay for anything.

Also do not go to court. A court asks for YOUR NAME (capitalized is a corporation) and as you are only the representative (called 'Your Name') of that company so you have no obligation to show. They already have YOUR NAME in court on a piece of paper, they can do all they like to that as it is a corporation, but not you!!

Spiritual Economics Now

You don't have to pay with money only sign that you accept the companies debt should be paid off. Only make note to supply a form along side the signature that makes clear your intentions. To find out more of what form and the full process, visit the above link.

An interview is available here

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Eric Dubay said...

Great simplified explanation, Tao. For more information on the Freeman movement, check out this link:


Brenden said...

Wait what? I don't get it. Can you explain further? I've never heard of this. I am very confused.

Tao said...

Hi Brenden, I won't attempt more detail here as it is quite tough to convince even myself of the full explanation. The interview is good and if you follow the link to the lady's blog you'll see many posts, some movies and on the right of her blog is a link to her free ebook.

Brenden said...

thats ok :-). I didn't really expect you to explain the whole thing, I was just reacting because I am shocked and confused and wondering why I never heard of this and how I can get everything for free. I have always wondered why we have to "earn" a living. Please keep us posted if you learn anything important. I love this blog and learn something new from it every day, and this could be life changing.