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Hinduism vs Taoism

Not a serious investigation, you may not do well to quote this in school.

Hinduism has a f a n t a s t i c language for the inquiry into self.

Taoism doesn't really bother.

Hinduism can give you (at least) 5 names for versions of the self, 5 names for the name of God, 5 names for types of breathing, 5 names for ways to sit, 5 names for ways to lay your hand...

Taoism, ..doesn't really bother.

Hindus have Brahman, Brahma, Siva, Vishnu, and and endless list of other gods..

Taosim has none. But does have terms; Tao, Te, Yin Yang, Tai Chi, Gua and some others.

Given a multitude of Gods in Hinduism they are all aspects of the ultimate, Brahman.

Taoism has the above terms which all resolve to Tao.

Tao and Brahman are incredibly similar conceptually in that they are out of the bounds of reason, knowing, duality and so on. They are effectively the same thing and for me are absolutely the same, but Tao is easier to type.

The Hindus have their way, the Chinese another.


When it comes down to it, it must be said that Taoism is a lot more direct. Given the Tao Te Ching a person will have a pretty good idea of what is meant. Given a Hindu text, will probably be more than impressed by the poetic and wonderful stories but will likely, especially if not Indian, be a left a few dhal short of a curry.

While more straightforward though, the Tao is quite well complimented by the Indian wisdom. We all know of Zen and its predecessor Chan is just that; Hinduism, boiled down to Buddhism and boiled in a bag with Taoism. Taoism is straightforward and direct but the Hindus spiritual vocabulary is very useful for people to describe what they feel and explain unique concepts.

I for one thoroughly enjoy the Indian ideas on the self and inquiry. I like some stories but not so many. I find their vocabulary, although I surely butcher it, very useful. I find what many of their thinkers say very beneficial and consider it to be pointing right at truth.

Taoism though, as you'll get from the blog title is my root. Simple and clear pointing.

If you're not bowled over by that analysis then re read the disclaimer at top.

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Green Monk said...

Hee hee..yes at times it is so easy to be lost in all the stories in Hinduism...sometimes the straightforward is much easier for me.

Rizal Affif said...

Yeah, take benefit from both--eventually, from all spiritual teachings in the world, if possible. All have different viewpoints and different depths to give us clearer view of the whole. Anyway, clinging only to one is, well, another attachment to form--that is, attachment to a particular--and limited--idea :D