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I really get the idea there is no space

I really get the idea there is no space and further that there is only a singularity (to use the scientific name but probably not its definition).

There is a no-space, no-form, no-dimensional, non-zero, non... a neti neti.. basically a singularity and that is it - apart from the ability of this singularity to give rise to consciousness and contain information. The consciousness then maps out the information in such a way as it projects worlds as if real, it projects separate selves into these worlds, as if real. It projects through mind, ideas of people, worlds, space, but non of that is real in an substantial way.

We are all projections of the singularity and the reasons that neither science nor religion will ever explain the ultimate is that they explain only a projection, one that is made only of mind and not the source, the singularity, the formless, neti neti.

So what we see is a world and selves experiencing it, but what is really the case is a no-space, no-form singularity.

This rules out any creation, ideas of infinite size and any ideas of an old universe as all those are mind shapes cast about from the projection itself.

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Doug McMillan said...

Very good . . I've written similar posts, one in particular, but with a lot less words, here's a link to it:

I am now a follower of your excellent blog . . all the best,

Doug 'The Wayward Yogi' McMillan.

The Rambling Taoist said...

Makes sense if you see the world as being one. If there is only one essence, then everything is the same thing.

Shinzen Nelson said...

I agree with The Wayward Yogi and the Rambling Taoist. Good post...makes sense.

Helps us realize there is no death, no birth, nothing to get sort-of-thing.