For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.


Not sure if this will make sense, but I don't often let that stop me writing.

Meditation: As I allowed that in my vision to remain (eyes open) I also allowed that in my mind to stay also. There was a persistent tune and some thoughts in my mind and the room and items in my vision. I just focused on nothing until a spot of clarity emerged from no sense perception but from somewhere other. At this time I took to only concentrating on that and the field of vision, humming and thoughts stopped.

Focusing solely on that, I remained still to allow that and that focusing to merge. I remained for, from looking at the clock now, over 20 minutes.

I realized clearly that there is no effort in killing ego and no one to do it. No action as once merged with the subtlety of the oneness all such ideas of ego, self, I and so on were naturally absent. My mind occasionally attempted to reemerge and this was beneficial, to my ego at least, as I was able to map out some of the experience.

This merged point is blissful, it is absent of any forms or thoughts, it is ever present and the subtle root to all.

I mapped out how 'I' 'time' and 'mind' are born. From the subtle emptiness there is born a sense of I (dimension 1, the 1st dimension is I), held, this I forms dimension 2, time. Dimensions 3 and 4 seem to occur simultaneously as mind and this the 4 dimensions of I, time, Mind(2) which give space-time: Mind is born of a subtle nothing, that as it has no qualities, can give birth to all.

Past this point reality as we know it quickly takes form and that was the final move back to me here now typing - but I did not allow that to happen until just now, I instead stayed with just this subtle point for some time, just observing how the 1, 2, 3 and 4 build out from this 0.

Remaining with the subtle point 0 I knew bliss and that it would be perfect to stay, but I also saw how that moving to a lower vibration, a lower state of awareness - being human - would reoccur and was great fun and pleasurable thing to be and experience. Bliss is ever present but this lower state of worldliness is a unique and worthy manifestation.

It must now be the case of recognizing the subtle also as the root to the world seen, and experience it as the source to everything, so that there can always be one eye on the ground as I float a foot above on my balloon.


Old recognition newly recognized.

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