For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

My philosophy in 3

What is life all about?
When right it is magic - It is always right and always magic.
If it feels wrong, get right.
Right is not: brought about, bought, found, achieved - It is the natural state and those not feeling that are out of balance.

Explaining the mystery
Because it IS and because it can, it does.
because it could; it manifested as experiencer and experience.
Refer to the above: This is magic!
Nothing we can perceive is not us, nothing is not it. Separations are for the benefit of experience and not in themselves real.
We are all it, of it, and it is all. We're it!
Mistakes are always rooted in the notion of "I" and they fail to account for the all. Wallowing in self, not seeing the whole; are false cut-off states and result in suffering. You can trace all problems to the idea of I. As I is an idea, only existing for the experience, suffering is not real.
There was no beginning to all of this. There is no end. It just is. Time is not real.
Death is also impossible.

Getting by
The one before division is the spiritual heart to all of this.
See everyone as their spiritual heart and not any other characteristic.
All other characteristics are circumstance, explainable and resolvable to that.
There is only one spiritual heart and we all have it within us. Within us all it is truly the same one heart. This heart is in all things and we also live within it. Shared and held by all living things, there is only one.
Work with goal and you reap good and bad. Operate as part of the whole, seeing only as a removed spectator, and bliss is constant.
Desire and always be in need. Simplify and draw infinite reward.
Good follows bad, and these are only ideas - it is always good.


Well that is the basics of all I've ever said I think. I think most who follow this blog feel the same or very similar.

To read the posts I feel most paint this in detail read these.

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Shinzen Nelson said...

Good post...I recently had a series of synchronistic events that were like magic...easy and flowing...balanced.

...I wrote about it in my last blog post...'Shamans at Work?'

Thanks for the confirmation via your writing.

The Rambling Taoist said...

The only concern I have with a post of this nature -- heaven knows! I struggle with this too -- is that many people coming to our blogs will walk away dazed and confused. It's a struggle to try both to live out these beliefs and to explain to others how to manifest them in the mundaneness of everyday life.

Rizal Affif said...

Nice one, fresh one :)

Spiritual heart in everyone... kind of Atman :)

Fay's Too said...

We're it. Yes!

Tao said...

Rizal: Kind of Atman but more Brahman. Ultimately the same ;D I did not first like the spiritual heart term but was in that zone all day yesterday, smiling at tramps and businessmen in sports cars just the same as I saw no difference but for the projection they had of themselves. Within is the same, the source is the same.

Fay: Yes!! how's the dog?