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Om harmony, Breath and Air

Pull a fish from the water and and it no longer feels quite itself anymore. Take the air from a person and they become quite agitated. Not long after either act, if the medium is not replaced, the entity will die.

It is possible to consider air as the a fluid that we move within and depend upon, few may doubt it. Health is certainly increased when by the sea or on a mountain top where the air is much purer than you are used to. Many religious traditions refer to the breath of life, holy spirit or other name that given a little open investigation could in most cases be referring to air and not anything more than that.

Breathing is an in-out-in-out harmonious motion. Well balanced in's and out's are most useful. Long deep breaths are more calming and if you notice when stressed your breath will always also be out of harmony. "Relax, breathe" you'll hear people say and "Breathe" is really the key there as once the breath is controlled the person will be calm. It is impossible to be breathing correctly and be stressed, not possible for long at least, the breath will always attune you back with the flow.

When relaxed the breath is right. When breath is right we are relaxed. Life also consists of many more harmonious acts that when out of tune signal problems and when in tune give rise to pleasure.

When we pass light into a prism it divides to its colour components. That original light is also from a previous breakdown and each new colour can also be broken further. You could imagine one very powerful, very slow pulse at the root of the universe or self that broken and filtered a trillion times forms the on-offs we perceive through our limited senses. All you see out and about is frequencies, waves bouncing around. That is also all you hear, touch even, taste and smell. On-offs of stuff in harmony or not.

One bad singer in group of many is quite audible. One tap on the triangle when a big band is in full flow and you'll hear it. A tiny mosquito bite on your whole body and you'll smack yourself. A tiny crack in a vast piece of rock under pressure and crunch it will shatter. On the level of the rock the harmony is deep within a crystal like structure, all parts very much in place and in tune, one steps out of line and the whole ensemble will crescendo.

Your life then is obviously best when harmony exists. The harmony of the breath of life; in with the goodness and out with the impure. Change is good when it fits the music but is unwelcome when a duff note or jarring chord is played when you were enjoying the tune. Relationships work well with two people who are two prongs of a tuning fork or two forks who ring to an agreeable harmony. Food, recreation, exercise, intellectual endeavours, spiritual practice, music and breathing, there is little here where the harmony is not a fitting example.

Harmony is a powerful model as we can relate to disharmony and aspire to harmony. It also gives a fitting model where we can imagine how things will integrate into our lives and a useful tool in locating the root causes of ailments. The model also aiding in getting us over bad situations as we can see how the disharmony has upset the ambiance but know that it will die down. You don't hit the cymbal or drum to stop it you keep at the bass line or harp strings, focusing on that which is right, and the grating noise dies down naturally.


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Rizal Affif said...

The breath is the flow indeed; it even taught us not to cling with something old. Something taken in should eventually blown out; and replaced with next. The breath in the moment is what truly matters. Great post :)

Anyway, I like the new design... it feels calmer :)

Tao said...

Looks a bit boring. I may try pink.

Rizal Affif said...

Pink? Don't forget the white-dots pattern :D