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The Mind
Think of a number between 1 and 10 - chances are you just used your mind.
But as well as being an amazingly good random number generator the mind also has many other uses.

Philosophers are famous for using their minds to solve man's greatest riddles such as; what? and; why haven't I got more arms... that'd be useful?, to which they would generally reply with a shrug - which proves how useless minds are for this sort of thing.

Most people simply use their minds to get out of bed and make tea and then disengage them as soon as they get to work - although other, more practical, people use them to prop open doors and hold down wayward pieces of paper.

Some claim to use the power of the mind to bend metal, which is actually true as they have to use their minds to make their fingers grip it before moving in a downward motion guaranteed to alter its shape.

The use of mind altering drugs is increasingly common, with the most famous instance being a man from Slough in the UK who altered his into a small dog called Steve for two weeks in 1997.

Thought or thinking is a mental process, like totally mental man, wiiikid. It allows us to react to the world generaly completely inappropriately and stress about stuff and get things wrong almost as consistently as blue is blue. So to deal with the world effectively according to our goals, plans, ends and desires we should not think, play golf or listen to Celine Dion. Words referring to anything are just concepts and the link between one persons definition and another is nothing more than coincidence. You only converse to bring someone round to your way of thinking and they are only your friend if it works.

Thinking involves inventing methods of manipulation to use on both information and people. As when we form concepts, engage in problem solving, reason and make decisions we are being very selfish. Any idea that thinking is a higher cognitive function is egotistical and completely normal.

Thought was invented by accident, the brain, a simple sense organ has the job of monitoring all other sense organs right down the spine and to the extremities, even extending outside of the body to the world of concept mentioned before, is just a tool who on doing this job, suddenly one day (perhaps a Tuesday) became self aware. Ever since then its been bashing on about how it knows best. It doesn't - so go and get drunk, you and it will never have been happier.

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