For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

There is good reason it does not make sense

Nothing exists.

I go to the shops and buy a bottle of milk.

Nothing exists.

Tom and Jerry was a funny cartoon.

Nothing exists.

Let's meet in the park at 3pm.


Seen from the perspective where only truth exists then nothing exists, even something called truth. This is the core message, 'The Tao that can be told is not the Tao'. Relatively speaking, in the world of our minds, everything exists. Even dreams can have a lasting impact as if they existed "I dreamed you had died, oh I'm so happy to see you".

In the world of mind everything exists, yet in relative mind world we are told that all exists only due to and alongside the existence of an opposite, which in truth is an inseparable complementary: Good-Bad, Happy-Sad, Love-Hate, Empty-Full, High-Low, ... None can exist alone, so none have a reality in themselves, only in the world of relative mind.

I feel like I am talking in baby language here but when I take steps from the playpark to the grownup level of "ok phsyconaughts, on with the 3rd eye shades let's see where we can go here" I feel I meet resistance or lose the message.

There is though good reason why none of it makes sense and why the basic concepts sound simple. A number of gifted writers, only a few in the history of books that made it down to us here, were able to write concise, pointed, direct statements true to the ultimate nature of the Universe. True as can be but not so deep as to lose meaning. Much of the rest comes off as psycobabble and is cast off.

The analogies for that above problem are ones like "A book on sex vs sex", or the same for chocolate, or a certain painting, view, experience. Words don't cut it and even if they did they have so much room for interpretation. We think in the language available to us and our language simply has no ability to explain the ultimate truth of it all. When we try to explain anything over some basic concepts it becomes "Ok, I'm not getting anywhere explaining chocolate, lets try explaining milk, sugar and cocoa and the concept of mixing and heating..." and then asking the listener to now form the same image in mind as you have - yet you know what you're aiming at and they don't.

To then move on to the taste of chocolate, still in words is madness. Further still with the truth of the awakened view as the message you aim at passing on you are in the ridiculous position of explaining something free of duality by explaining to a fake entity how to experience something non-dual - experience and experiencer of whom the complementary pair are the truth and the dualism that is their manifestation is the very barrier to that truth.

So many guides chose nonsense, jokes, silence, tests, pointing and more indirect methods and these are perfect but they grate with the person who considers themselves a rational thinker. They argue how by this being irrational it can not be worth their valuable time. And with every ego affirming statement they make they reinforce the very walls you aim to break down.

"This understanding has never been easy in any civilisation; probably in no other has it been so difficult or rare, surrounded as we are from birth by people so firmly convinced of the reality of their individual entity. ...

Even an intellectual understanding of the inexistence of our 'selves' is a rare and bitter attainment which few even attempt. And that is only the elimination round which qualifies us for access to Reality."

Reality is exactly this. This now.

Conceptualised, rationalised, materialised, quantified, qualified, given projections into time, reason, depth, breadth, it is not.

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