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Meditating life

You may not know that one of the jobs I do is to ride 150kilos of Pedapod laden with normally two overweight tourists around the hilly city I live in. A Pedapod is a modern day Rickshaw that looks cool but is basically an overweight 3 wheeled bicycle able to carry passengers. At least though it is a positive environmental statement.

Riding this bike with a heavy load, in truth even when empty, is tough going but I, as ever, turn it to a spiritual and enjoyable task. I realized today the mechanics of how I get by so well. I do not use my mind. I've done this all along but today registered as viewer how I as rider work. I realized that Mind can not help with pushing, with energy, with stamina and it is at best a hindrance, so I turn it off or leave it to tasks of taking in the view, humming, mantra or stillness. I am then free to meditate and leave the legs to do their work uninterrupted. -- This way I get my heavy passengers, the heavy bike, and myself up the hills without really noticing.

I do this a lot with many tasks but just noticed myself doing it today on the Pedapod too. We can really enjoy life when we leave the bits to all do what they are best at and turn the mind off.

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The Rambling Taoist said...

Wow! That blows me away. 150 kilometers per trip? When I was a young lad, I considered a 50 mile jaunt on my bicycle to be an odyssey!

Leon Basin said...

Wow! AMAZING!!! That is one of the jobs you have? What is the others? I do this with my work in Retail...