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Kill Buddha

Is it best to see Buddha as a concept than as a person? If you follow the line of thought on this blog then yes. Any idea of this being a person or something to personally live up to is anti the idea of, and a barrier to, the absolute.

Buddha as a person invokes some need in people to admire, look up to, hold in reverence and these are not useful states to be in. Instead seeing Buddha as yet another name for the ultimate along with Tao, Brahman, true self, then it and the associated teachings are more useful and powerful.

Buddha then is the concept passed down the ages but at some unfortunate time it was personified and dirtied by this Christ/Guru tendency.

For me Buddha is more a word to be mentally read as Tao or Brahman and not associated with a person.

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Eugene said...

If Buddhism is so awesome, why don't any Buddhists achieve Enlightenment?

Shinzen Nelson said...

Eugene: Great question! I think they are too busy being Buddhists, not Buddhas. Buddha was not a Buddhist, just like Jesus was not a Christian.

Kill the Buddha...

Eric Dubay said...

Exactly, I keep saying we don't need any more Buddhists and Christians, we need more Buddhas and Christs.